Birthday party bus

Let's have a party together!

Celebrate your birthday with bells and streamers

A birthday should of course be celebrated in a big way, you can’t just let it pass by. Let us drive around in our converted American school bus while enjoying a drink with your family and friends. Our host will make sure that you are not short of anything and that a glass never remains empty. Then you can focus on karaoke battles.

It’s your party, and you can sing as loud as you want to!

Up to 15 people

Our converted American party bus is available for up to 15 people.

All inclusive

Nothing is too crazy with us, from laser shows, flat screens, your own host to karaoke equipment.


Take a look at our party bus to get an impression.


“Delicious birthday had in this party bus. We became
fetched in Rotterdam and rode Tasty Amsterdam.

"Perfect birthday party bus. We where picked up in Rotterdam and drove to party town Amsterdam. Great!"

I want to create a little chaos
and make people's heads turn


Wil snel weer jarig zijn…

"With this party bus i want to have my birthday everyday"